Study of water contamination for Thermal process system (TPS)

  title={Study of water contamination for Thermal process system (TPS)},
  author={Tomohito Matsuo and Yudo Sugawara and Takashi Fuse and Misako Saito},
  journal={2013 e-Manufacturing & Design Collaboration Symposium (eMDC)},
We examined water desorption process of various resin materials. The water desorption from the surface depended on their dielectric permittivity and low permittivity made high desorption rate. Comprehension of the water desorption phenomena is important to make an atmospheric dew point fall down quickly. We can suggest that using low dielectric permittivity resins is effect on shorten the time exchange the wafers. 


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Ar gas Sampling cell ..... Dew point transmitter Fig.1 Measurement system

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