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Study of two-electron one-photon transition produced in collision of Ne6+ ions with Al target at low energies

  title={Study of two-electron one-photon transition produced in collision of Ne6+ ions with Al target at low energies},
  author={Shashank Singh and Mumtaz Oswal and K. P. Singh and Deepak Swami and T. Nandi},
In the heavy ion-atom collision processes, multiple ionization of different shells created simultaneously is a common phenomenon. For a particular case, K shell of the target or projectile may be doubly ionized during ionatom collision. Usually, these two vacancies of the K shell is filled by the subsequent electron of the higher shell and as a resultant, characteristics x-rays or Auger electron are emitted. Normally two vacancies are filled in two steps, firstly a hypersatellite line is… 

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