Study of the evolution of masked bifascicular block.

  title={Study of the evolution of masked bifascicular block.},
  author={Antonio Bay{\'e}s de Luna and Pere Torner and R. Oter and Fernando Montes de Oca and Josep Guindo and Ivan Rivera and R Fort de Ribot},
  journal={Pacing and clinical electrophysiology : PACE},
  volume={11 11 Pt 1},
Masked bifascicular block (MBB) (absent or minimal S in I and VL, high R in Vi and AQRS approximately -60 degrees) is a rare condition. We have found 16 such cases in the last 12 years, thirteen male and three female, mean age 70 +/- 9 years. The conventional electrocardiogram was tabulated and the clinical features and evolution of the patients were followed over 39.1 +/- 32 months. Ten patients required pacemakers, nine because of complete atrioventricular (AV) block or increase in the… CONTINUE READING

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