Study of the Mine Drainage Fuzzy Control System Based on MATLAB


In automatic coal mine drainage control systems, the number of working pumps are defined according to parameters such as water level and its change rate. But it is difficult to establish the mathematical model precisely, because the variables mentioned above are non-linear variable parameters. Classical control has not been able to satisfy the high accuracy of the control request. The fuzzy control uses natural language to control complex production processes. It is especially suitable for systems that are non-linear, time lagged and the ones whose parameters and structures are indefinite, or where it is impossible to establish precise mathematical models. Therefore, this article applies fuzzy control to a mine drainage system making a comparison between the tradition and fuzzy control. Because the fuzzy controller is the fuzzy control system's core, this article mainly discussed the design process of the mine drainage system fuzzy controller. Finally the simulation was conducted using the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox of MATLAB. The result indicates that the fuzzy control enables the drainage system control to attain the optimum effect.

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