Study of the Histamine Production in a Red Flesh Fish ( Sardina pilchardus ) and a White Flesh Fish

  title={Study of the Histamine Production in a Red Flesh Fish ( Sardina pilchardus ) and a White Flesh Fish},
  author={M. A. Afilal and H. Daoudi and S. Jdaini and Abdeslam Asehraou and Abderrahim Bouali},
Several authors have agreed that the red flesh fish is more likely to accumulate histamine during alteration; that is why this type of aliments is often implied in the histaminic intoxications. But the factors which do not imply the white fish in such intoxications are seldom studied and discussed (Stratton et al., 1991). The amines found in food are mostly composed of histamine, cadaverine, tyramine, tryptamine and putrescine. Histamine is the most studied amine (Ababouch et al., 1991; Berdy… CONTINUE READING


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