Study of solar and other unknown anti-neutrino fluxes with Borexino at LNGS

  title={Study of solar and other unknown anti-neutrino fluxes with Borexino at LNGS},
  author={Gianpaolo Bellini and Jay B. Benziger and Silvia Bonetti and Margherita Buizza Avanzini and Barbara Caccianiga and Laura Cadonati and Frank Calaprice and Carlo Carraro and An. Ianni and Alexander Chepurnov and D. d'Angelo and Stefano Davini and A. Derbin and Alexander Etenko and K. Fomenko and Daniel H. T. Franco and C. Galbiati and S. Gazzana and C. Ghiano and Laura Maria Edera and Marianne Goeger-Neff and A. M. Goretti and Elena Guardincerri and Sylvia Hardy and Andrea Ianni and Michele E. Joyce and V. V. Kobychev and D. Korablev and Yusuke Koshio and George Korga and Didier Kryn and Matthias Laubenstein and F. von Feilitzsch and Elizabeth Litvinovich and Ben Loer and Paul Lombardi and Livia Ludhova and I. N. Machulin and Szymon Manecki and Werner Maneschg and Giulio Manuzio and Quirin Meindl and Francesco Ragusa and Lino Miramonti and M. Misiaszek and David Montanari and V. N. Muratova and Lothar J. N. Oberauer and Marguerite Anne Beatrice Obolensky and F. Ortica and Marco Pallavicini and Laszlo Papp and L. Perasso and S. Perasso and Andrea Pocar and R. S. Raghavan and G. Ranucci and Gioacchino Ranucci and Alessandro Re and Pablo Risso and Aldo Romani and D. Rountree and A. V. Sabelnikov and Richard Saldanha and C. Vinacua Salvo and Stefan Schoenert and Hardy Simgen and M. D. Skorokhvatov and Andrii Sotnikov and S. V. Sukhotin and Yury Suvorov and R. Tartaglia and Gemma Testera and Daniel Vignaud and Robert Bruce Vogelaar and F. von Feilitzschk and J{\"u}rgen Winter and Michael Wojcik and Alexander Wright and Lothar Oberauer and Jilei Xu and O. A. Zaimidoroga and Sandra Zavatarelli},
Abstract We report on the search for anti-neutrinos of yet unknown origin with the Borexino detector at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. In particular, a hypothetical anti-neutrino flux from the Sun is investigated. Anti-neutrinos are detected through the neutron inverse β decay reaction in a large liquid organic scintillator target. We set a new upper limit for a hypothetical solar ν ¯ e flux of 760 cm − 2 s − 1 , obtained assuming an undistorted solar 8 B energy spectrum. This… CONTINUE READING
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