[Study of human tissue engineering cartilage].


OBJECTIVE To investigate the technique of human tissue-engineered cartilage and to study the medical collagen membrane of guided tissue regeneration (GTR) as the carrier of in vitro chondrocytes culture. METHODS Tissue engineering technique was used to make human Tissue-engineered cartilage, which was examined histologically and functionally. RESULTS It was found that the chondrocytes seeded on the medical collagen membrane of GTR grew well. A layer of milk white and cartilage-like tissue grew on the surface of medical collagen membrane of GTR after 1 week. It was demonstrated that the cartilage-like tissue was strong enough to be transferred after being implanted for 8 weeks. The cartilage-like tissue was proved to be human tissue engineered cartilage by HE stain and Alcian blue-poncean S stain. The chondrocytes could secrete chondroitin sulfate as proved by Lev-Spicer stain. CONCLUSIONS The medical collagen membrane of GTR has characteristics of three-dimensional structure and cell reticular function, and it has the possibility to be developed as a natural scaffold for tissue engineering. The results indicate that it is possible to make human tissue-engineered cartilage with tissue-engineering technique.

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