Study of growth in prepubertal asthmatics.

  title={Study of growth in prepubertal asthmatics.},
  author={N F Ismail and Sobhy M. Aly and Mohamed Abdu and D N Kafash and Christopher J. H. Kelnar},
  journal={Indian journal of pediatrics},
  volume={73 12},
OBJECTIVE The aim of this pilot study was to assess whether long standing asthma affects growth in prepubertal Egyptian children before initiation of long-term corticosteroid therapy. METHODS Children with asthma were divided into two groups according to asthma severity, moderate (n=24) and severe (n=14) and were compared for their physical and skeletal growth with a control group (n=15) using standard deviation score (SDS) and one-way ANOVA (analysis of variance) test. RESULTS No… CONTINUE READING

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