Study of fission fragments produced by 14 N + 235 U reaction

  title={Study of fission fragments produced by 14 N + 235 U reaction},
  author={M. Yalcinkaya and E. Ganioğlu and M. N. Erduran and B. Akkuş and M. Bostan and G. G{\"u}rdal and S. Ert{\"u}rk and D. Balabanski and G. Rainovski and M. Danchev and R. Dragomirova and A. Minkova and K. Vyvey and R. Beetge and R. Fearick and G. K. Mabala and D. Roux and W. Whittaker and B. Babu and J. Lawrie and S. Naguleswaran and R. Newman and C. Rigolet and J. V. Pilcher and F. D. Smith and J. Sharpey-Shafer},
  journal={European Physical Journal A},
This work was performed to understand the structure of neutron-rich fission fragments around the 130 mass region. A thin 235U target was bombarded by a 14N beam with 10 MeV/A from the Separated Sector Cyclotron at the iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences, Cape Town, South Africa. The main goal was to detect and identify fission fragments and to obtain their mass distribution by using solar cell detectors in the AFRODITE (African Omnipurpose Detector for Innovative Techniques and… Expand