Study of early events in the protein folding of villin headpiece using molecular dynamics simulation.


Protein folding is scientifically and computationally challenging problem. The early phases of protein folding are interesting due to various events like nascent secondary structure formation, hydrophobic collapse leading to formation of non-native or meta-stable conformations. These events occur within a very short time span of 100 ns as compared to total folding time of few microseconds. It is highly difficult to observe these events experimentally due to very short lifetime. Molecular dynamics simulation technique can efficiently probe the detailed atomic level understanding about these events. In the present paper, all atom molecular dynamics simulation trajectory of nearly 200 ns was carried out for fully solvated villin headpiece with PME treatment using AMBER 7 package. Initial hydrophobic collapse along with secondary structure formation resulted into formation of partially stable non-native conformations. The formation of secondary structural elements and hydrophobic collapse takes place simultaneously in the folding process.


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