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Study of corrosion in aluminium using neutron radiography technique

  title={Study of corrosion in aluminium using neutron radiography technique},
  author={M. Nurul Islam},
Neutron rad i ()~ra ph y techn ique has hecn ;ILiopted lo r detecti on or co rrosion in aluminium hy rillin g ,Irti riciall y l11ade hol cs (1n al uminium slah with 1\1(01-1),. Thc cont ras t hetwcen the opti c;iI densi ties or corrosion products and ;;lu lll i niulll slah W; IS ;Issessed rrom the densitolllctri c l11easu rements. Vari ati oll o r opti cal density difference with sample thickn css has al so heen studied. T hc resu lt s confirm th;lI approx imately (J.(nlJ mm thick corros ion… 

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