Study of charged-current ep interactions at Q(2)>200 GeV2 with the ZEUS detector at HERA

  title={Study of charged-current ep interactions at Q(2)>200 GeV2 with the ZEUS detector at HERA},
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Deep inelastic charged-current reactions have been studied in e(+)p and e(-)p collisions at a center of mass energy of about 300 GeV in the kinematic region Q(2)>200 GeV2 and x>0.006 using the ZEUS detector at HERA, The integrated cross sections for Q(2)>200 GeV2 are found to be sigma(e+p--> )=30.3(-4.2 -2.6)(+5.5 +1.6) pb and sigma(e-p-->upsilon X)=54.7(-9.8 -3.4)(+15.9 +2.8) pb. Differential cross sections have been measures as functions of the variables x, y and Q(2). From the measured… CONTINUE READING