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Study of behavior: Science or pseudoscience

  title={Study of behavior: Science or pseudoscience},
  author={Jerzy Konorski and B. Dreher and Christiane Gross and G. Rizzolatti},
  • Jerzy Konorski, B. Dreher, +1 author G. Rizzolatti
  • Published 2013
  • Psychology
  • Before starting to write this paper I wanted to be certain of the precise meaning of the word “legacy’’. In the Concise Oxford Dictionary I found that it is “a material or immaterial thing handed down by predecessors”. Thus, I understand that I am here in a role of predecessor, expected to hand over my thoughts about the field of science I have been concerned with throughout my life to the present generation of scientific workers. Analyzing now those thoughts I realize that they are shaped by… CONTINUE READING

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