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Study of antidiarrhoeal activity of piperine

  title={Study of antidiarrhoeal activity of piperine},
  author={Prashant B. Shamkuwar and Sadhana R. Shahi},
Antidiarrhoeal effect of piperine was evaluated in castor oil and magnesium sulphate induced diarrhoea in mice. Effect of piperine was also studied on intestinal propulsive movement and intestinal fluid accumulation in mice. Piperine, at a dose of 5 to 20 mg/kg showed antidiarrhoeal activity in castor oil and magnesium sulphate induced diarrhoea. It has also produced antimotility and antisecretory activity in castor oil induced intestinal transit and intraluminal fluid accumulation in mice… 

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It is suggested that ABPE produces additive effect with Mebarid in treating diarrhoea by increasing its antimotility, and antisecretory activity.

In vivo Antidiarrhoeal Activity of Bryophyllum pinnatum Leaf Extract on Castor Oil Induced Diarrhea in Albino Rat

  • E. DadaF. O. Ojo
  • Medicine, Biology
    Journal of Applied Life Sciences International
  • 2018
In evaluation of antidiarrhoeal activity of B. pinnatum in rat, there was an improvement in faecal consistency, therefore it could be considered suitable for the treatment of non-infectious diarrhoea.

Therapeutic significance and pharmacological activities of antidiarrheal medicinal plants mention in Ayurveda: A review

An attempt was made to compile the scientific basis of medicinal plants used to cure diarrhea in Ayurveda with a total of 109 plant species belonging to 58 families reported for their antidiarrheal activity.

Derivatives Form Better Lipoxygenase Inhibitors than Piperine: In Vitro and In Silico Study

The results of ITC and molecular modeling experiments suggested that piperonylic acid and piperonal exhibit stronger binding at the active site than piperine does, and it could be concluded that derivatives of p Piperine may be of higher significance than pipersine for certain medicinal applications.

Uncommon Phytotherapeutic Practices in Hajiganj Upazila of Chandpur District, Bangladesh against Gastrointestinal Disorders

The previously unreported or less reported uses of these plants or plant parts against diarrhea and dysentery present novel opportunities to scientists towards discovery of lead compounds or new drugs.

Solubility Data of the Bioactive Compound Piperine in (Transcutol + Water) Mixtures: Computational Modeling, Hansen Solubility Parameters and Mixing Thermodynamic Parameters

The solubility values and thermodynamic parameters of a natural phytomedicine/nutrient piperine (PPN) in Transcutol-HP (THP) + water combinations were determined and an endothermic dissolution of PPN was shown.

Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology

The result shows that the latex inhibits the in vitro growth of these pathogenic fungi, and has been a known tradition practiced in the northern part of Nigeria to treat Tinea capitis in children attending the local religious school in the area.



Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics

Clinicians who frequently face difficult decisions about dosage should be aware that the book closes with an 80-page table of pharmacokinetic data relevant to dosage adjustment, and the editors clearly see clinicians and clinicians-to-be as their main audience, andThe text reflects this.

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