Study of a prevention programme for caprine arthritis-encephalitis.

  title={Study of a prevention programme for caprine arthritis-encephalitis.},
  author={G P{\'e}retz and Françoise Bugnard and D Calavas},
  journal={Veterinary research},
  volume={25 2-3},
A prevention programme for caprine viral arthritis-encephalitis was monitored in 363 goat herds between 1988 and 1990. The level of contamination in the female kids fell from 49.5 to 25% by the end of the 2-yr period during which the programme was applied. Some 19% of the female kids that had been substitute colostrum (cow colostrum or goat colostrum heated to 56 degrees C for 1 h) were contaminated compared with 45% of those that had been given raw colostrum. The segregation between the… CONTINUE READING

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