Study of V_LV_L to t tbar at the ILC Including O(alpha_s) QCD Corrections

  title={Study of V\_LV\_L to t tbar at the ILC Including O(alpha\_s) QCD Corrections},
  author={Stephen J. Godfrey and Shou-hua Zhu},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In the event that the Higgs mass is large or that the electroweak interactions are strongly interacting at high energy, top quark couplings to longitudinal components of the weak gauge bosons could offer important clues to the underlying dynamics. It has been suggested that precision measurements of W_L W_L to t tbar and Z_L Z_L to t tbar might provide hints of new physics. In this paper we present results of O(alpha_s) QCD corrections to V_LV_L to t tbar scattering at the ILC. We find that… Expand
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Study of V_LV_L to t tbar at the ILC Including O(alpha_s) QCD Corrections
  • 2004