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Study of Transport of Nanoparticles with KL Model Through a Stenosed Microvessels

  title={Study of Transport of Nanoparticles with KL Model Through a Stenosed Microvessels},
  author={Nivedita R. Gupta},
  • N. Gupta
  • Published 2018
  • Engineering, Biology
This paper studies a constitutive equation for blood with the transport of nanoparticles in a stenosed microvessel. The flow of blood through a bell-shaped stenosed micro blood vessel has been investigated with an importance of permeable walls that treats blood as nonNewtonian fluid by using K-L model. This model is more appropriate than other nonNewtonian models because K-L model involve three parameters such as plasma viscosity, yield stress and one other chemical variable while casson model… 


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The work of Gill and Sankarasubramanian was modified and extended to include 1) the variati- on over time of Deff; 2) the permeability of the blood vessels and 3) non-Newtonian rheology of blood.
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