[Study of TiN plating coat on increasing shear bond strength].


PURPOSE To investigate the feasibility of increasing bond strength of polymer ceramic to titanium using TiN coating. METHODS Twelve pure titanium specimens were casted and divided into two groups randomly. In one group,the surface was processed with conventional handling,in the other group,the surface was coated with TiN. Then the specimens in each group was bonded with polymer ceramic material (Ceramage). The shear bond strength was measured using parallel interface shearing. The interface between polymer ceramic and titanium was observed under SEM. Two samples t test was conducted with SPSS11.0 software package. RESULTS The shear bond strength of TiN plating coat group was (29.78+/-0.78)MPa, larger than that of the conventional handling group (25.73+/-0.37)MPa, the difference was significant (P<0.01) between the two groups, and both of them exceeded ISO9693:1999(P<0.01). CONCLUSION TiN plating coat can effectively improve the shear bond strength.

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