Study of Structural And Mechanical Properties of Tungsten Carbides , Coatings With Different Cutting Performance of Multilayer Diamond Coated Silicon Nitride Inserts in Machining Aluminum − Silicon Alloy

  • M. Yugandhar, R. Siva Prasad, V. Sitaramireddy, Dr. B. Prabhakar Kammar
  • Published 2017


Hard coatings of tungsten carbides have been obtained by the deposition of tungsten thin layers, on steel substrates (containing 0.5% to 0.75 wt.carbon), according to the cathodic magnetron sputtering held at temperature of 650°C. It is established by X-rays diffraction that, in thetemperature range 650-900°C, no formation of tungsten carbides was observed… (More)

2 Figures and Tables


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