Study of N = 16 Shell Closure Within RMF+BCS Approach

  title={Study of N = 16 Shell Closure Within RMF+BCS Approach},
  author={G. Saxena and M. Kaushik},
  journal={Acta Physica Polonica B},
We have employed RMF+BCS (relativistic mean-field plus BCS) ap- proach to study behaviour of N = 16 shell closure with the help of ground state properties of even-even nuclei. Our present investigations include sin- gle particle energies, deformations, separation energies as well as pairing energies etc. As per recent experiments showing neutron magicity at N = 16 for O isotopes, our results indicate a strong shell closure at N = 16 in 22C and 24O. A large gap is found in between neutron 2s1/2… 

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