Study of Korean Wave's The Origin and the Usage

  title={Study of Korean Wave's The Origin and the Usage},
  author={Gyu-Soo Jang},
  journal={The Journal of the Korea Contents Association},
  • Gyu-Soo Jang
  • Published 28 September 2011
  • Art
  • The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
Asia has shown a tendency that a certain country`s culture leads the fashion in turn every 10 years. The trend of Hong Kong movies in 1980`s was called `Hong Kong Wave`, the trend of Japanese animation and games in 1990`s was called `Japanese Wave`, and then the `Korean Wave` began in the late 1990`s. This term `~Wave(流)` is a Japanese-style term meaning `~way`, `~style`, `~group`, and so on. In the same manner, recent popularity of Taiwanese TV dramas and a particular star that is in fashion… 

The Korean Wave: A Decade of Ups and Downs

This study suggests that the government should look back on the decade by analyzing the backlashes and achievement of Hallyu to develop concrete ideas on how to consistently develop it and contributes to the progress of cultural exchange with countries where Korean pop culture is making inroads.

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The Influence of Chinese People`s Viewing Degree of Korean Contents on Sustainability of `Korean Wave` with the Multiple Mediation Effects of Liking for Korean Wave and Receptiveness to Foreign Cultural Inflow

본 연구는 한류 지속가능성에 한류 드라마 ‘시청정도’가 미치는 직접효과와 ‘한류호감도’ 및 ‘문화유입수용 성’의 매개효과 그리고 ‘경쟁의식’의 조절효과를 실증적으로 규명하였다. 표본은 중국 광서성의 계림시와 하 남성의 정주시에 거주하는 대학생(N=371명)이다. 분석 결과, 한국에 대한 ‘경쟁의식’이 상대적으로 약한 응 답자들의 경우에는, ‘한류

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A film contains an amalgamation of diverse features and provides audiences with a variety of reminiscent elements. Thus, this study aimed to identify the role of nostalgia in the involvement,

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