Study of IF Bandwidth of ${\hbox{MgB}}_{2}$ Phonon-Cooled Hot-Electron Bolometer Mixers

  title={Study of IF Bandwidth of  \$\{\hbox\{MgB\}\}_\{2\}\$ Phonon-Cooled Hot-Electron Bolometer Mixers},
  author={Stella Bevilacqua and Sergey Cherednichenko and Vladimir Drakinskiy and Hiroyuki Shibata and Yasuhiro Tokura and Jan Stake},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology},
A noise bandwidth (NBW) of 6-7 GHz was obtained for hot-electron bolometer (HEB) mixers made of 10 nm MgB<sub>2</sub> films. A systematic investigation of the (IF) gain bandwidth as a function of the MgB<sub>2</sub> film thickness (30, 15, and 10 nm) is also presented. The gain bandwidth (GBW) of 3.4 GHz was measured for a 10 nm film, corresponding to a mixer time constant of 47 ps. For 10 nm films a reduction of the GBW was observed with the reduction of the critical temperature (<i>Tc</i… CONTINUE READING
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