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Study of Hybrid MicroPattern Gas Detector with CsI Photocathode For Super Tau-Charm Factory RICH

  title={Study of Hybrid MicroPattern Gas Detector with CsI Photocathode For Super Tau-Charm Factory RICH},
  author={Ping Li and Qian Liu and Jianbei Liu and Mingxu Shao and Zhiyong Zhang and Jianxin Feng and Anqi Wang and Bao Rong Hou and Lei Zhao and Hongbang Liu},
Super τ -Charm facility(STCF) is a future electron-position collider operating at τ -Charm energy region aimed to study hadron structure and spectroscopy. The baseline design of the STCF barrel particle identification(PID) detector in the momentum range up to 2 GeV/c is provided by a Ring Imaging Cherenkov Counter(RICH). The architecture of the RICH is an approximately focusing design with liquid perfluorohexane sealed in the quartz container as radiator and a hybrid combination of a CsI coated… 


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