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Study of HfO2 high-k gate oxide for low-temperature poly-Si TFT

  title={Study of HfO2 high-k gate oxide for low-temperature poly-Si TFT},
  author={J. S. Jung and J. Kwon and W. Xianyu and T. Noguchi and Seonghoon Jeong and S. W. Jeong and Y. Roh},
  journal={Journal of the Korean Physical Society},
We investigated HfO2/SiO2 thin film and found that it is a suitable candidate for an alternate gate insulator of SiO2 in thin film transistors (TFTs). Ultra thin SiO2 of 8.5 nm was deposited by inductively coupled plasma chemical vapor deposition (ICP CVD) below 200 ◦C. Thin sputtered Hf metal films were oxidized and subsequently annealed under O2 and N2 ambient, respectively, to form polycrystalline HfO2 thin films simultaneously. We achieved a low leakage current level of 6.97 × 10−7 A/cm at… Expand
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