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Study of Giardia Infection in Cats

  title={Study of Giardia Infection in Cats},
  author={M. Zarebavani and A. Pezeshki and J. Shahram and M. Rezaeian},
  journal={Iranian Journal of Public Health},
Giardiasis caused by the intestinal flagellate Giardia duodenalis. It is postulated that animals may be a reservoir for human infection and vice versa, thus, giardiasis classified as a zooanthroponotic disease. Therefore, accurate information about the Giardia infection in animals can help the control and prevention of disease in human. With respect to considerable population of cats in Iran and close relation to human, in the current study we tried to determine the infection rate of Giardia in… Expand
Giardia spp. and Sarcocystis spp. status in pet dogs of Shiraz, Southern part of Iran.
Faecal samples of pet dogs and stray cats of Shiraz, Fars Province of Iran of different age groups, breeds, and sexes were tested, however no Giardia spp. Expand
Cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis in dogs and cats: veterinary and public health importance.
Dogs and cats are the only domestic animals that still routinely reside in the same domicile as their owners around the world, and hence the interest in their role as reservoirs of potentiallyExpand
Efficacy of secnidazole in the treatment of giardiasis in a cat
The aim of this study is to examine parasitological findings of simultaneous infection by Giardia duodenalis in cat, and treatment of the disease by a single dose of secnidazole in cats with giardiasis in Turkey. Expand
Contribution of environmental media to cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis prevalence in Tehran: a focus on surface waters
Monitoring of surface waters in Tehran suggested that untreated surface waters may be a potential route of human exposure to protozoan parasites and a significant correlation between Giardia and Cryptosporidium densities confirms the common sources of pollution in surface waters. Expand
Detection of the "Tim" gene of sheep using "Tim" Gene of with human origin Giardia Giardia primers
The similarity of the sheep and human genomic characters of implies the possibility that there is transmission of Giardia Giardiaduodenalis and their probable zoonosis among humans and sheep. Expand