Study of Gallium Plating of Metal Electrodes

  title={Study of Gallium Plating of Metal Electrodes},
  author={S. Gladyshev and R. Abdulvaliev and K. Beisembekova and G. Sarsenbay},
  journal={Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering},
Conditions of gallium plating of metal electrodes were studied in the paper. It was found that stability of gallium cover depends on the material and is increasing in the raw: stainless steel 08Х18Н12Т < Steel 1, Steel 2, Steel 3, Steel 45 < Ni < Cd < Cu. Phase composition of the electrode surface layer obtained after gallium plating was studied. It was found that gallium with nickel form Ga36Ni64(Ga Ni2) compound and gallium with copper form CuGa2 compound. Different acids were used for… Expand
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