Study of Energy Storage Capacitor Reduction for Single Phase PWM Rectifier

  title={Study of Energy Storage Capacitor Reduction for Single Phase PWM Rectifier},
  author={Ruxi Rudy Wang and Fred Wang and Rixin Lai and Puqi Ning and Rolando Burgos and Dushan Boroyevich},
  journal={2009 Twenty-Fourth Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition},
It is well known that there exist second-order harmonic current and corresponding ripple voltage on dc bus for single phase PWM rectifiers. The low frequency harmonic current is normally filtered using a bulk capacitor in the bus which results in low power density. This paper studies the energy storage capacitor reduction methods for single phase rectifiers. The minimum ripple energy storage requirement is derived independent of a specific topology. Based on the minimum ripple energy… CONTINUE READING
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