Study of Chemically Peculiar Stars-I : High-resolution Spectroscopy and K2 Photometry of Am Stars in the Region of M44

  title={Study of Chemically Peculiar Stars-I : High-resolution Spectroscopy and K2 Photometry of Am Stars in the Region of M44},
  author={Santosh Joshi and Otto Trust and E. A. Semenko and P. E. Williams and Patricia Lampens and Peter De Cat and Lore Vermeylen and Daniel L. Holdsworth and R. A. Garc'ia and Smita Mathur and A. R. G. Santos and David Mkrtichian and Aruna Goswami and Manfred Cuntz and A. Yadav and Manoranjan Sarkar and Bhuwan C. Bhatt and F. Kahraman Aliccavucs and M. D. Nhlapo and Mikkel N. Lund and Pranjupriya Goswami and Igor S. Savanov and Alain Jorissen and Edward Jurua and Ekaterina Avvakumova and Elena S. Dmitrienko and Nand Kumar Chakradhari and M. Das and Sowgata Chowdhury and Oyirwoth P. Abedigamba and I. A. Yakunin and Bruno Letarte and Drisya Karinkuzhi},
We present a study based on the high-resolution spectroscopy and K2 space photometry of five chemically peculiar stars in the region of the open cluster M44. The analysis of the high-precision photometric K2 data reveals that the light variations in HD73045 and HD76310 are rotational in nature and caused by spots or cloud-like co-rotating structures, which are nonstationary and short-lived. The time-resolved radial velocity measurements, in combination with the K2 photometry, confirm thatโ€ฆย 


Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
Proceedings of a workshop held atCrimean Astrophysical Observatory, Crimea, Ukraine14 -16 June 2004Edited byC. Martin Gaskellยซ Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of NebraskaLincoln,โ€ฆ
in Modelling of Stellar Atmospheres
The disclosure relates to a method of bending elongated materials such as pipe by applying a compressive primary bending force to the material at locations on either end of the portion of theโ€ฆ
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The wavelet map of HD73045 based on K2 C18 data; see Fig. 10 for description details
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Time series (top) and respective Lomb-Scargle periodogram (bottom) for the LC K2 Campaign 18 observations of HD73619
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