Study of Alzheimer's dementia patients with parkinsonian features.

  title={Study of Alzheimer's dementia patients with parkinsonian features.},
  author={Mark B. Snowden and J D Bowen and Justin Hughes and Eric B. Larson},
  journal={Journal of geriatric psychiatry and neurology},
  volume={8 3},
This paper presents a study to test the hypothesis that a parkinsonian subtype of Alzheimer's disease exists. Twenty-one patients with dementia of the Alzheimer's type (DAT) and coexistent parkinsonian features were matched to 21 DAT control patients without parkinsonian signs. All subjects were drawn from 136 patients with DAT evaluated between 1980 and 1982. Items from a standardized clinical evaluation at the time of diagnosis, from continuous yearly follow-ups, and neuropathologic… CONTINUE READING