Study design for genetic analysis in the Jackson Heart Study.

  title={Study design for genetic analysis in the Jackson Heart Study.},
  author={James G. Wilson and Charles N Rotimi and Lynette Ekunwe and Charmaine D. M. Royal and Mary E Crump and Sharon B. Wyatt and Michael W. Steffes and Adebowale Adeyemo and Jie Zhou and Herman A. Taylor and Cashell E. Jaquish},
  journal={Ethnicity & disease},
  volume={15 4 Suppl 6},
OBJECTIVE This paper describes the preparation of genetic materials and the recruitment and initial characterization of a nested Family Study within the Jackson Heart Study (JHS) METHODS: Genomic DNA was prepared from all consenting JHS participants. In addition, family members of a subset of JHS participants were recruited to the JHS Family Study to allow heritability and linkage analyses and family-based association studies. Family Study participants completed the same questionnaires… CONTINUE READING

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