[Study and clinical application of the theory "moxibustion can be used for heat syndrome"].

  • Jian-li Che
  • Published 2005 in
    Zhongguo zhen jiu = Chinese acupuncture…


In order to study on the clinically difficult problem, "is moxibustion suitable for heat syndrome?" cite and analyze relative papers in classical treaties about acupuncture and moxibustion, in combination with the many years' practical experiences of the author and experimental studies of modern medicine. And Textually research the treatment principle of "positive and negative go against" and the treatment method of "using heat to induce heat", which is a theoretical basis of "moxibustion being suitable for heat syndrome". Experimental studies have proved that moxibustion has bacteriostatic effect, and functions abatement of fever and improving microcirculation. It is indicated that moxibustion is suitable to treatment of all heat syndromes including excess-heat and deficiency-heat syndromes.

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