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Study and Analysis of Lecture Model of Teaching

  title={Study and Analysis of Lecture Model of Teaching},
  author={Gurpreet Kaur},
Lecture as a model of teaching is frequently criticized, but this is a fact that it has managed to survive so long in pace of many technological developments (Howe,. 1980). Lectures are often used to teach organized bodies of knowledge which is an important part of the school curriculum at all levels, and they have continued as a primary form of instruction in colleges and universities even at different school stages (Cuban, 1984, Goodlod, 1984). According to Perrott (1982) in almost all… 

General Methods of Teaching Music in the Primary School

Pupils learn music through many and different ways. Various methods, approaches and strategies of teaching are described in the literature. Teaching music is an art and activity which require

Innovation of Teaching Methodology Based on Maximizing Learning Opportunities--A Case Study of a Private College in Guangzhou

  • Houqing Liu
  • Education
    Advances in Education, Humanities and Social Science Research
  • 2022
Basic English, which aims to train the basic English abilities in a comprehensive way, is one of the main courses for English majors. In teaching this course, conventional methods like the grammar

Factors Influencing the Use of Lecture Methods in Learning Activities: Teacher Perspective

Science learning at the elementary school level in Pariaman is currently dominated by the use of lecture methods in delivering material. This study aims to determine the factors that influence the


Article History Received: November 2019 Revised: December 2019 Published: January 2020 In the process of teaching and learning English writing skill, some strategies which are considered appropriate

The Pedagogical Value of the Lecture Method: The Case of a Non-Formal Education Programme in Ghana

ABSTRACT Adult learning rests on the foundation of learner experience and involvement in the teaching and learning process. The methods employed in facilitating adult learning have to a large extent

A Qualitative Analysis of Lecture Videos and Student Feedback on Static Code Examples and Live Coding: A Case Study

This study analyzes the lecture recordings of a mid-level Computer Science course which uses both static code examples and live coding for teaching code snippets with the intent to understand what these pedagogical techniques for teaching and learning programming consist of.

The development of teacher creativity in making creative learning materials at experimental state elementary school 2 Sleman

In the era of the Covid-19, distance learning with interesting learning materials is needed to avoid boredom and burnout. Online distance learning requires the use of the internet and the readiness

Complementing lecturing as teaching pedagogy and students learning styles in universities in Tanzania: State of issues

Lecturing remains a popular and predominant teaching pedagogy in Higher Education Institutions and Tanzanian universities are no exception. However, due to increase in enrollments, lecturing

Teaching Methods in English Language Instruction: Case of Selected English Language Teachers in General Santos City, Philippines

The aim of the Philippine education is to highlight the learners' equal opportunity in learning and holistic development to the best level possible amid insufficient learning materials and

Effectiveness of shifting traditional lecture to interactive lecture to teach nursing students.

The interactive lecture resulted in significant learning and furthers nursing students' active participation in the teaching-learning process and significant statistical differences were observed in the interactive teaching method compared to traditional lectures.