Study Of Tribological Behavior Of Polymer Concrete Composite

  • Meethaq. M. Abed
  • Published 2014


The main aim of this study is assess the wear resistance of polymer concrete composite (PCC).Polymer concrete composite is a composite material realized with resin and aggregates.The Unsaturated polyester resin was used for binding the aggregates.The silica foam and glass fibers were introduced in the composition as filler.The fiber percentage and silica foam was constant, the unsaturated polyester resin and the silica sand dosages were varied.The prepared specimens were tested at room temperature by using differents loads(4,6,8,10,12)N for constant testing time and differents times for constant testing load (12 N).The resulted wear rates were calculated for each sample apart with.variation the previous variables. To produce more precise idea about the wear characteristics of all test specimens when used them in tribology engineering applications, the study of wear rates was carried out for differents compositions at constant temperature when the above mentioned variables were fixed.

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