Studies on white-spored agarics

  title={Studies on white-spored agarics},
  author={H. Harmaja},
The following new species are described (all the types are from Finland): Cystoderma saarenoksae Harmaja, Cystoderma niveum HarmaJa, Hygrophorus korhonenii Harmaja, Mycena lammiensis Harmaja, and Mycena occulta HarmaJa. Melanoleuca brachyspora Harmaja (nomen novum) must replace M. brevispora Harmaja (non Singer). The following new combination is made: Hygrophorus subviscifer (Karst.) Harmaja. Hygrophorus albidus Karst. (lectotype selected here) and H. spodoleucus Moser are reduced to synonymy… Expand

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Amylolepiota, Clavicybe and Cystodermella, new genera of the Agaricales
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Lepista polygonarum and Prunulus lammiensis, two new combinations in the Agaricales
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Hygrophorus annulatus, a new edible member of H. olivaceoalbus-complex from southwestern China
  • Chao-­Qun Wang, Tai­-Hui Li, Xiang-Hua Wang, T. Wei, M. Zhang, Xiao­-Lan He
  • Biology
  • 2021


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A taxonomic revision is made of the agaric genus Clitocybe (Fr.) Staude in Fennoscandia, the material comprising 3220 specimens, and some macroscopical, sporal, anatomical, ecological and other characters as well as certain responses to ultr~violet light are shown to be ± uniform throughout Clitocytes, and may thus be diagnostic of the genus. Expand
A Study of the Boreal, Alpine, and Arctic Species of Melanoleuca
SUMMARY Five new species of Melanoleuca (Tricholomataceae) from boreal, alpine and arctic habitats are described. In addition, five other species are treated including several previously unreportedExpand
Hygrophoraceae. - In: Ulvinen, T. (ed.): Suursieniopas: 53-64
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  • 1985
Beitrag zur Kenntnis verschiedener Hygrophoreen
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