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Studies on vomitory effect of some acridine compounds.

  title={Studies on vomitory effect of some acridine compounds.},
  author={S. Kowalczyk-Bronisz},
  journal={Archivum immunologiae et therapiae experimentalis},
  volume={28 5},
Vomitory effect of 16 chosen acridine derivatives was observed on pigeons. The expected effect of the preparations as well as their interaction with, causing vomiting lobeline were considered. Two groups were distinguished: 1) preparations which alone caused vomitory reaction (C-283, C-410, C-541, C-609, C-684, C-702, C-829, C-835, C-846, C-1006 and C-1020). 2) Preparations which caused this effect while combined with a subthreshold dose of lobeline (C-429, C-516, C-666, C-857 and C-1005… Expand
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