Studies on the synthesis of cyanomethyleneamino pseudopeptides

  title={Studies on the synthesis of cyanomethyleneamino pseudopeptides},
  author={Rosario Herranz and M.Luisa Su{\'a}rez-Gea and Soledad Vinuesa and Ma Teresa Garc{\'i}a-L{\'o}pez},
  journal={Journal of Organic Chemistry},
Various cyanomethyleneamino pseudodipeptides were easily prepared in high yield by the Lewis acid catalyzed addition of trimethylsilyl cyanide to unstable aldimine intermediates, obtained from the reaction of N-protected α-amino aldehydes with C-protected amino acids. The two possible (R)- and (S)-epimers at the peptide bond surrogate chiral center were obtained. In this thermodynamically controlled synthesis, the absolute configurations of the α-amino aldehyde and the amino acid proved to be… 
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Synthesis and regioselective functionalization of piperazin-2-ones based on Phe-Gly pseudodipeptides
The synthesis of 1,4-unsubstituted piperazin-2-ones by one-pot reductive cyclization of PheΨ[CH(CN)NH]Gly pseudodipeptides is described and the stepwise regioselective functionalization of piper Razin- 2-one derivatives showed great potential for molecular diversity generation.
5-(Tryptophyl)amino-1,3-dioxoperhydropyrido[1,2-c]pyrimidine-based potent and selective CCK(1) receptor antagonists: structural modifications at the tryptophan domain.
Replacement of this acid-labile group with 3, 3-dimethylbutyryl or tert-butylaminocarbonyl conferred acid stability to analogues 14a and 15a, which retained a high potency and selectivity in binding to CCK(1) receptors, as well as an in vivo antagonist activity against the acute pancreatitis induced by caerulein in rats.
Solvent-free synthesis of α-amino nitrile-derived ureas.
An efficient and environmentally friendly methodology for the solvent-free synthesis of α-amino nitrile derived ureas from α-Amino acid based amino nitriles has been developed and under microwave heating epimerization occurred at the chiral center bearing the cyano group.
Unprecedented stereospecific synthesis of a novel tetracyclic ring system, a hybrid of tetrahydropyrrolo[2,3-b]indole and tetrahydroimidazo[1,2-a]indole, via a domino reaction upon a tryptophan-derived amino nitrile.
Compounds containing a novel tetracyclic ring system, a hybrid of tetrahydropyrrolo[2,3-b]indole and tetrahydroimidazo[1,2-a]indole, are synthesized via an acid-mediated stereospecific domino