Studies on the properties of threonine aldolases.

  title={Studies on the properties of threonine aldolases.},
  author={Marvin Arthur Karasek and David M. Greenberg},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={227 1},
Braunshtem and Vilenkina (2), in studies on the formation of glycine from serine, threonine, and other hydroxyamino acids in animal tissues, reported the presence of an enzyme which formed acetaldehyde and glytine from threonine and allothreonine. In subsequent work by Lin and Greenberg (3) it was shown that allothreonine is decomposed about twenty times faster than threonine in crude homogenates, that equimolar amounts of acetaldehyde and glycine are formed from threonine and allothreonine… CONTINUE READING