Studies on the metabolism of the lipoprotein Lp (a) in man.

  title={Studies on the metabolism of the lipoprotein Lp (a) in man.},
  author={Franz Krempler and Gert M. Kostner and K. Bolzano and Friedrich Sandhofer},
  volume={30 1},
Lp(a) was isolated and labeled by reductive alkylation. Radioactivity only entered the protein moiety of the lipoprotein. No change in the immunological or physicochemical properties of Lp(a) was noted after the radiomethylation. After incubation of labeled Lp(a) with whole serum for 24 h in vitro, more than 99% of the radioactivity of the incubated sample was found in Lp(a). In 4 subjects Lp(a) was injected intravenously. A linear decline of the specific activity of Lp(a) in the serum was… CONTINUE READING