Studies on the mechanism of "exaggerated natriuresis" in essential hypertension.


Prompt and exaggerated natriuresis and diuresis were seen one to two hours after the starting of an infusion of 300 ml of 3% saline for one hour in patients with essential hypertension on a high sodium chloride intake. There were no significant differences in urinary volume and sodium excretion after the saline load in patients with normal and low plasma… (More)


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@article{Kubo1981StudiesOT, title={Studies on the mechanism of "exaggerated natriuresis" in essential hypertension.}, author={Shoji Kubo and Aki Nishioka and Hideo Nishimura and Tetsuya Takatsu}, journal={Japanese circulation journal}, year={1981}, volume={45 1}, pages={39-47} }