Studies on the interaction of isoxazolcurcumin with calf thymus DNA.


The interaction of isoxazolcurcumin (IOC), a synthetic derivative of curcumin, with calf thymus-DNA (ct-DNA) has been investigated by UV-Vis, fluorescence, circular dichroism spectroscopies, viscosity measurements and docking studies. From these analyses, the binding constant, number of binding sites and mode of binding of IOC to ct-DNA has been determined. The binding constant of IOC to DNA calculated from both UV-Vis and CD spectra was found to be in the 10(4)M(-1) range. Analyses of fluorescence spectra, viscosity measurements and molecular modeling of IOC-DNA interactions indicate that IOC is a minor groove binder of ct-DNA and preferentially binds to AT rich regions. Ethidium bromide displacement studies revealed that IOC did not have any effect on ethidium bromide bound DNA which is indicative of groove binding. To elucidate the preferred region of binding of IOC to DNA, docking studies have been performed and changes in accessible surface area (DeltaASA) of nucleobases determined due to IOC-DNA complexation.

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