Studies on the interaction between Cd(2+) ions and DNA.

  title={Studies on the interaction between Cd(2+) ions and DNA.},
  author={Zahed Hossain and Fazlul Huq},
  journal={Journal of inorganic biochemistry},
  volume={90 3-4},
Cadmium is a potent carcinogen in rodents and has recently been accepted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a category 1 (human) carcinogen, but the molecular mechanism of its action remains largely unclear. It has however been suggested that cadmium-induced carcinogenesis may involve either direct or indirect interaction of Cd(2+) with DNA. Cd(2+) is believed to bind covalently with N7 centres of adenine and guanine. At low concentrations (< or =50 mM), Cd(2+) is found to… CONTINUE READING


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