Corpus ID: 94139317

Studies on the extraction of uranium (VI) by bis(hexylsulfinyl)ethane

  title={Studies on the extraction of uranium (VI) by bis(hexylsulfinyl)ethane},
  author={YangYan-Zhao and Zhang-qi and ZENGShan and BAOLi-Ping and SunSi-Xiu},
  • YangYan-Zhao, Zhang-qi, +2 authors SunSi-Xiu
  • Published 2003
  • Chemistry
  • The extraction of uranium (Ⅵ) by bis(hexylsulfinyl)ethane(BHxSE) in nitric acid aqueous solution hasbeen investigated. The extracted species appeared to be UO2(NO3)2@2BHxSE. Influences of nitric acid concentration,NaNO3 concentration, Na2C2O4 concentration and temperature on the extraction equilibrium were investigated andthe thermodynamic functions of the extraction reaction were obtained. 

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