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Studies on the Human Acceptability of the Watermelon Seed Kernel Products

  title={Studies on the Human Acceptability of the Watermelon Seed Kernel Products},
  author={Reetapa Biswas and A. Ganguly and Santa Datta},
Watermelons have become synonymous with summer. The watermelon seeds can be a quite frustrating experience when we are eating the sweet, refreshing fruit and have to pause to take out the tiny seeds scattered in the fruit. So the seeds are thrown away and neglected having no idea of its nutritional value. The objective of the present study is to incorporate the unconventional, cheap, thrown away and locally available watermelon seed kernels into our regular diet for achieving good nutrition. A… 

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Using Free Fat Watermelon (Citrullus Vulgaris) Seed Kernels in Preparing High Protein Biscuits
Five biscuits formulas containing wheat flour, free fat watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris) seed kernels flour in addition to other cereals, rice , corn and chick-pea, were suggested in this study to
Effect of Watermelon (Citrullus Vulgaris) Seed Kernels on Serum Lipid Profile and Body Weight of Male Albino Rats
Citrulline and Arginine in watermelon seeds may be the major factor of these beneficial effects related to lipid profile and Stimulatory effect on growth may be due to the presence of good quality protein (evidenced by increased PER) and high amount of fat.
Development of nutritious snacks by incorporation of amaranth seeds, watermelon seeds and their flour
It is concluded that amaranth seeds and watermelon seeds can be suitably incorporated in various developed products as well as improve their nutritional composition.
Characteristics and composition of watermelon, pumpkin, and paprika seed oils and flours.
Flour samples could be potentially added to food systems such as bakery products and ground meat formulations not only as a nutrient supplement but also as a functional agent in these formulations.
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