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Studies on the Cultural Characteristics of Hohenbuehelia petaloides

  title={Studies on the Cultural Characteristics of Hohenbuehelia petaloides},
  author={Kwan-Hee Yoo and Jun-Ho Kim and Soon-ja Seok},
  journal={The Korean Journal of Mycology},
This study was carried out to obtain the basic data on artificial culture of Hohenbuehelia petaloides. The optimum medium are glucose peptone medium (GP), Hennerberg medium, Phellinus igniarius medium (PIM), Lentinus edodes medium (LEM), Czapek dox medium. The optimum condition for the mycelial growth was and pH 6.0. The carbon sources such as dextrine, fructose and lactose were favorable to mycelial growth. The optimal concentrations of carbon sources are 10% dextrin and fructose. As nitrogen… 
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맛버섯 균사체의 배양 특성에 관한 연구
From the result of experiments on the optimal temperature, pH and nutritional requirements, the mycelial growth of modified optimal medium was higher than that of ME medium.