Studies on somatic recombination in dikaryons of Schizophyllum commune1

  title={Studies on somatic recombination in dikaryons of Schizophyllum commune1},
  author={Yair Parag},
Schiophyllum commune is a heterothallic, higher Basidiomycetous fungus, in which the pattern of mating is genetically controlled by two incompatibility factors, A and B, each with a series of alternative states (A', A2, A3, etc., and B', B2, B, etc.). Diploid basidia A'A2B1B2 produce four classes of basidiospores; A1B', A'B2, A2B' and A2B2. A mycelium of mating type A'B' is incompatible with A'B', A'B2 and A2B', but it is compatible with A2B2 as well as A2B3, AB3, etc., with which it… CONTINUE READING
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