Studies on secotiaceous fungi-V. Nivatogastrium gen. Nov.

  title={Studies on secotiaceous fungi-V. Nivatogastrium gen. Nov.},
  author={R. Singer and A. H. Smith},
  • R. Singer, A. H. Smith
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Brittonia
  • The restriction of the old concept of Secotium to exclude such well defined entities as Endoptychum, Galeropsis, Thaxterogaster, and others, leaves many species to be restudied in order to ascertain the degree of their affinity with the Agaricales and with the seeotiaceous genera already proposed. Secotium nubigem~m Harkness is such a species. In view of its diagnostic characters we are here proposing it as the type species o:f the new genus Nivatogastrium. The name is derived from nivatus and… CONTINUE READING
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