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Studies on screening of Bacillus sp. for Protease Production

  title={Studies on screening of Bacillus sp. for Protease Production},
  author={A. Rebekkah Shanthakumari and Dr. M. Boominathan},
Screening of bacteria and other organisms for protease production has gained momentum in recent times. Proteases are hydrolytic enzymes capable of degrading proteins into small peptides and amino acids for industrial applications. Proteases are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, leather, detergent industry and other industries. This review summarizes various aspects of proteases and their conditions of production. The enzymatic and physicochemical properties of alkaline proteases obtained… 

Isolation and characterization of protease producing bacteria from waste site of Rewa municipality, Madhya Pradesh (India)

This study has performed various morphological and biochemical test with some molecular biology techniques to identify the bacterial strain which have the potential to produce maximum enzyme in different environmental and laboratory conditions and found the two bacterial isolates R-4 and R-12.

A Novel Thermostable and Alkaline Protease Produced from Bacillus stearothermophilus Isolated from Olive Oil Mill Sols Suitable to Industrial Biotechnology

Characterization under extreme conditions revealed a novel thermostable and alkaline protease with a half-life time of 187 min when incubated with combined Ca2+/mannitol, which highlighted the promising properties of this bacterium for industrial and biotechnological applications.

Effect of Cultural Conditions on Protease Production by a Thermophilic Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius SKF4 Isolated from Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park, Malaysia

A new potent strain of thermophilic bacterium isolated from Sungai Klah Hot Spring Park in Perak, Malaysia for the first time is revealed and the high production of thermostable protease enzyme by G. thermoglucosidasius SKF4 highlighted the promising properties of this bacterium for industrial and biotechnological applications.



Isolation and Characterization of Protease producing Bacillus strain FS-1

Preliminary characterization of the organism according to Burgey's manual suggests that the organism may belong to Bacillus species, and seems to be alkaline metallo protease and is capable of dehairing of skin and hides.

Molecular and Biotechnological Aspects of Microbial Proteases

Despite the extensive research on several aspects of proteases, there is a paucity of knowledge about the roles that govern the diverse specificity of these enzymes and deciphering these secrets would enable to exploit proteases for their applications in biotechnology.

Alkaline protease from Spilosoma obliqua: potential applications in bio‐formulations

The insect protease appears to be potentially useful as an additive in detergent, stain remover and other bio‐formulations, and was also effective in cleaving various protein substrates tested, implying broader substrate specificity and effectiveness of the protease against a wide variety of stains.

Optimization of Process Parameters Using a Statistical Approach for Protease Production by Bacillus Subtilis using Cassava Waste

In the present study, the effect of pH, temperature, fermentation time, inoculums Size and substrate concentration on protease production by Bacillus Subtilis using cassava waste has been

Food nanotechnology - an overview.

  • B. S. Sekhon
  • Medicine
    Nanotechnology, science and applications
  • 2010
Nano food packaging materials may extend food life, improve food safety, alert consumers that food is contaminated or spoiled, repair tears in packaging, and even release preservatives to extend the life of the food in the package.

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