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Studies on preparation and storage of jelly from dragon fruit ( Hylocereus undatus )

  title={Studies on preparation and storage of jelly from dragon fruit ( Hylocereus undatus )},
  author={Gaikwad Panchal JB and J. K. Dhemre and Ud Chavan},
The objective of this research work was to analyze the proximate composition of dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus) and to standardize the process for preparation of dragon fruit jelly. The proximate analysis of dragon fruit showed moisture 87.88 %, reducing sugars 4.32 %, total sugars 8.15 %, total soluble solids 11.40 Brix, acidity 0.44 % and vitamin-C 9.99 mg/100 g, phosphorus 29.33 mg/100 g, betacyanin 114.58 mg/100 g. The prepared jelly from 1000 ml fruit extract, 550 g sugar and 11 g of… 

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