Studies on photoblastic germination in lettuce seed

  title={Studies on photoblastic germination in lettuce seed},
  author={Joseph Scheibe},
It was shown, with the aid of osmotic inhibition of germination, that the action of the far-red-absorbing form of phytochrome (Pf) in promoting germination can be completed even if the seed is held under conditions where germination is not possible. An effect of the continuing action of Pf beyond the point of complete germination promotion was demonstrated by enhancement of germination rate after removal of the osmotically active solute. Previous reports that the rate of growth in water of… 
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The growth physics and water relations of red-light-induced germination in lettuce seeds
Results showed that the water potential of red-light-treated embryos was lower than that of dark-treated ones, the difference being equivalent to the potential of a 0.30 molal mannitol solution.