Studies on ion exchange equilibria and kinetics

  title={Studies on ion exchange equilibria and kinetics},
  author={Tao Zuyi and Li Quanchang},
  journal={Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry},
Abstract160Tb was used as radiotracer and the equilibria and kinetics of $$3\overline {Na} + Tb^{3 + } \rightleftarrows \overline {Tb} + 3Na^ + $$ cation exchange with zeolite-Y were studied. The ion exchange isothems and the Kielland plots at 298 and 303 K were obtained. It was found that the ion exchange rate is controlled by particle diffusion. The integral interdiffusion coefficients for the direct and reverse exchanges at 298 K and 303 K were calculated. In addition, the $$\overline… CONTINUE READING

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